The Farmers

Norton Farms

Nestled in NW Missouri near Plattsburg, is our largest pork producer. Using methods perfected over the last century, they raise all of their 400 sow operation 100% outside in the sunshine. William Norton started the farm in the early 1900’s, but nearly lost everything during the depression, even though he only owed a total of $5000.00 at the time. William’s son Rea and his wife Ellen were married in 1935 and took over the farm. It took them until the 1960’s to buy the original farm back.

They got some help later that decade when their two sons David and Wesley graduated from college with Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Economics degrees respectively. David and Wesley, having worked on the farm since they were young boys, brought the farm into the next century still preserving the sustainable methods they learned from Rea. Finally, continuing the family tradition, David and his son, 4th generation farmer, Eric Norton manage the hog operation today with a passion for growing top quality pork. This is a true family farm dedicated to their animals, practices, and families. This story is also to-be-continued, as the newest addition Dillan Norton is already learning the ways of the farm.

We are honored and proud to be partnered with Norton Farms, and look forward to many years to bringing their great pork to you!

Keefhaver Farm

Keefhaver Farm is our closest hog producer residing right here in Trimble, MO. Owned by Mike and operated by his two sons, Matt and Ben. This 5000 acre farm raises Berkshire hogs, Angus Beef, corn and soybeans. The original farm was purchased in 1913 making it a century farm.

The Keefhavers have a 70 sow operation and raise hogs only born on their property. All hogs are raised in sunshine outside without added hormones or excessive antibiotics based on the care and expertise learned over 4 generations. Minimal medications are used for a short period after weaning only during the harsh Missouri winter when the hogs are most vulnerable.

We salute the Keefhaver Family for maintaining a traditional method of raising livestock and our 10 year relationship with them has shown us their dedication to producing top quality pork raised the natural way. You will taste the difference in every juicy tender bite!!

Hubbard Farm

Nestled in the flint hills of Kansas, the Hubbard Farm raises high quality lamb and goats. Joseph, parents Alan and Sharon, have farmed for 3 generations and still raise cattle and horses. Joseph raises different breeds of lamb for their respective qualities. Using rotational grazing, selective breeding, and lots of tender loving care, is what set these lamb apart from the rest. You will definitely taste the difference.