Appointment Confirmation

Thank you for bringing your animals to “PARADISE”.
To better serve you and make your experience painless, here is what to expect.

LAMB & GOATS must be here and unloaded by 7:30am at latest. GOATS must be kept in YOUR vehicle and NOT unloaded until our personnel can take them into our facility. All other animals dropped off between 7-8 am the morning you are scheduled.

If for some reason, you are running late, please notify us immediately for special arrangements to be made.

Your animal will be unloaded and well monitored by our trained employees. DO NOT drop off animals without plant personnel present. If you have certain tag numbers, sizes, or colors, designated for certain people, please make note of that to our unloading personnel so the proper tagging can be clear for transfer to our cut sheets. All other inquiries about customer assignments to certain animals, organs, hides, etc. must be handled with our front office staff.

According to USDA regulations, the age of your beef will be determined by dentition (their teeth). If your beef ages over 30 months of age, we will have special methods we have to follow, that may or may not limit your cutting options. If you know your beef is close to that age, you may also bring proof of age and supply us a copy of those records. If records are not present, we must go by dentition.

All animals are slaughtered under USDA inspection. If your animal is found to be deemed as unsafe for human consumption, by a USDA Veterinarian, it will be disposed of. The slaughter fee will still apply and be charged in this case. All animals must be able to walk into Paradise under their own power.

You can be rest assured that our personnel are trained in the most up to date humane handling practices and your animal will be handled with the upmost respect.

Also see our Customer Cut Sheet and Pick Up Policy.

Thanks Again,
The Fantasma Family