Fantasma's Finest

Why Fantasma’s Finest?

Fantasma Family

The Fantasma Family

Our “Name” came from Mario’s Grandfather who was left on a doorstep of an orphanage in Italy. He was given that name because it means “Ghost”. Mario has 3 brothers and one sister that actively are carrying on the name through grandchildren here in the U.S.


Our Awards

Paradise Locker Meats competes in local and national smoked meat competitions. We are proud to have won 150+ awards for our smoked meats and sausages. We strive to learn more with each competition, to better our products year after year.

From Our Family To Yours

From Our Family To Yours

The Fantasma Family for 20 years has been dedicated to producing and serving a wholesome and sustainable product for your family. You can feel good about what you’re feeding your family when it comes from ours.

Who Loves FF?

Where Can I Buy?

Shatto Home Delivery | 816-635-6000

Mcgonigle's Meat Market | 1307 W. 79th St. Kansas City, MO

Paradise Locker Meats  |  405 W Birch St.  Trimble MO 64492