Processing At Paradise Locker Meats

When you bring your animal to Paradise, here’s what to expect!

Some Helpful Info:
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Quality Care

We take animal welfare very seriously here. Every effort is made to ensure your animals are humanely handled with the utmost respect and care. Humane handling plays a huge role in meat quality and we are committed to make sure your animal is treated as best as humanly possible! We are audited by 3 different outside organizations on an annual basis; Certified Humane, Animal Welfare, and USDA. We also have a USDA inspector here 5 days a week. All animals are slaughtered under inspection. So you have the option to have it processed under inspection, available for resale, or for your own personal use under a "Not for Sale" label.

Timing & Contact

You will be called the Monday before your appointment to confirm that you are coming and that your cut sheets will need to be filled out according to who is getting sides, quarters, etc. of each beef. If you give us the names and numbers we will fill them out with the customer present or on the phone. We prefer that the customer NOT fill out the cut sheet themselves. Drop off time for beef is between 7:00 & 7:30 am. You must check in with someone at the pens before unloading the animals.

Beef ProcessingHog ProcessingLamb/Goat Processing

Butcher Fee - $60.00 per animal

Processing Fee per LB on Hanging (hot carcass) weight:

Cryovac with ground in chubs .70 cents lb.
Cryovac all cuts including ground .75 cents lb.

For our customers who prefer BNLS cuts, a flat fee is applied as follows:

KC Strips and Filet (versus T-Bones) or BNLS Chuck Roast or Arm Roast

Whole Beef (each) $20.00
Half Beef (each) $10.00
Qtr. Beef (each) $5.00

We also offer Ground Beef Patties for your convenience @ $1.00 per lb.
You can choose 4 oz., 6 oz., or 8 oz. and of course just let us know how many in a package will suit your family.

If you would like some of your round steaks made into cube steaks, we can do that for .75 cents per lb.

If you’re interested in any specialty sausages or burgers from your beef, just ask about that and we’ll see if we can accommodate those labeling requirements needed.

Butcher Fee - $60.00 per animal

Processing Fee per LB. on the hanging (hot carcass) weight:

Cryovac with ground in chubs .70 cents lb.
Cryovac all cuts including ground .75 cents lb.

Cured Meats Processing (Maple Sugar Cured and Smoked) is .75 cents per lb. on start weight of each item that you would like to be cured. You will love it!

Butcher and Cool Only - $80.00 per animal
Butcher and Block Only - $100.00 per animal

Lamb and Goat is Flat Fee per animal

Cut & Wrap in Cryo $100.00
Whole un-cut carcass $60.00

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