Retail Store


Our retail store is located at:
405 W. Birch St., Trimble, MO 64492

Our hours are:

Monday - Friday Saturday
9:00am to 6:00pm 9:00am to 3:00pm

If you have any other questions about our store feel free to call or use contact us online here.


Here are a few things you'll learn about Paradise Meats when you visit our retail store!

Fresh Steak

When you browse our fresh steak case you’ll learn that we bring in box meats for this line. We only carry “Choice” grade or higher and do cryovac aging. The aging makes a huge difference, and will be the biggest difference in what you find at the store. The Fantasma’s Finest brand in the case will always be our “No added Hormone or Antibiotic” program. That line is currently from a source of beef in California that is raised on a 300 day feed program, and is very consistently marbled and very flavorful. You’ll never go back, once you’ve tried it. We also have some cuts that are regular USDA Choice cuts that are also a great steak because of the aging process.


Our hamburger and hamburger patties are locally raised beef that is raised without added hormones or antibiotics. We bring in local bulls and grind the whole animal. Our regular is about 80/20 mix and we sell a lean ground beef that’s around 90/10.

Sausage / Chicken / Exotic

We have 20+ varieties of sausage that we make fresh here in house. We make it and freeze it fresh so that we don’t have to add extra preservatives or additives. Many of our sausages are free of any artificial ingredients. We carry Amish Farm Chicken that is natural raised on vegetarian diets that is very high quality. We have a lot of game meat options, Elk, Buffalo, Quail, Pheasant, Rabbit, Kangaroo.


When you browse our freezer section, you’ll see all of our pork is “locally", pasture raised, Berkshire breed that produces a very high quality pork product. This pork actually has marbling in it. Just about any pork cut imaginable is there.

Cured / Smoked

You’ll see our cured and smoked section that you’ll notice a lot of award winning ribbons in. We do everything in house, curing and smoking, and make our own deli meats, etc. It also contains farm fresh eggs from right down the road and our wonderful lines of cheese that we bring in from Wisconsin.

Beef and Pork by the side

Support your local farmer and processor


Big savings come into play if you are able to buy your beef or pork by the whole, side, or quarter. One of the great advantages to this, is getting to select your cuts, just the way you like them. On a quarter of a beef we are limited to mostly standard cut, because we will process it as a split side, which means you will get a little of everything, rather than front quarter or hind quarter and everything is divided evenly right off the cutting table. You can place your beef or pork order cut up for your freezer with our customer service respresentatives. See our “Shop Now” links to purchase an “eighth of a beef bundle” cut as standard, and the savings are huge.

You will pay per pound on the hanging weight (hot carcass weight). And some additional options are available at extra cost if desired. The market will vary, so we can quote what the current price per pound is at any time. We can never “Guarantee” that price at the time of quoting, because the price will go according to the market when the beef is being brought in. On the pork, you’ll pay additional for whatever you cure and smoke.

Another great advantage is, that Paradise Locker Meats only uses farmers that raise animals that will grade “Choice” or higher (in the case of beef) and that are raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. The hogs are raised outdoors and are Berkshire breed. For more information on the farmers that we buy from, see the “About” section of this website, and see “About our Farmers”. You can also find out more information on our processing methods in the Processing section.

We only require a $100.00 deposit on any order that you place. We get you scheduled for the beef or hog to come in and we will “dry age” (beef only) them approximately 14-21 days. It will then be ready to pick up 24 hours after processing. We will be happy to get a cut sheet to you, so you can look at all the cuts you would receive for each animal. The hogs are ready about 2 weeks from date the animal arrives in “Paradise” for the curing process to take place. If you get a hog without any cured product, it will be ready the following week.

So, come browse and learn more on how to save a lot of money. We look forward to seeing you!