The Fantasma Family


The Name

Our “Name” came from Mario’s Grandfather who was left on a doorstep of an orphanage in Italy. He was given that name because it means “Ghost”.

Mario has 3 brothers and one sister that actively are carrying on the name through grandchildren here in the U.S.


Mario started his career in butchery working for a wholesale company in Kansas City. He continued on with the same company for 17 years before purchasing Paradise Meat Locker in 1995. His combined total of almost 40 years has given him an immense knowledge base in the meat industry. After all that time, he stills holds an unwavering dedication for artisanal butchering and quality craftmanship. As Vice President and CEO, he oversees everything that goes on in the plant. He was instrumental in developing the family's brand, Fantasma's Finest, which is comprised of the highest quality products in the country! His passions include spending time with his family, staying involved in the local community, working closely with the Missouri and American Meat Processors Associations, and enjoying his favorite hobby, golf!


Teresa didn't start at the Locker full time when Mario and her first purchased the business, but by 2005 the both decided that her expertise in bookkeeping, accounting, and internal organization was much needed around the clock at Paradise. She quickly became an integral part of the team. Now, as President and CFO, she continues to grow the business on a daily basis and helps manage the 35 team members that Paradise Meats employs. Her passions include spending time with her grandchildren, fishing, and supporting her favorite sports team, the Kansas City Chiefs!


Louis, the eldest of the two sons, started at the Locker helping out after school when the business was first purchased. His 20 plus years of experience working in all areas of the business makes him the ideal person to manage day to day operations at Paradise. He handles everything; creating and maintaining close relationships with our local farmers, sourcing high quality beef and pork through those farms, inspiring the team of butchers and sausage makers, ensures the highest quality of craftsmanship, ordering of supplies, scheduling production, keeping all of the equipment up to date, and anything else that pops up during a normal day. He is married to a wonderful woman, Amy, and together they have 3 girls and 1 boy. His passions include spending time with his family, camping, hunting, and fishing whenever he gets the chance.


Nick started helping out after school just like Louis when the business was first purchased. He, just like his older brother, has worked in every area of the business. The knowledge he has gained over the years, his passion for cooking, and his commitment to superior customer service make a great blend to manage the retail store at Paradise. He handles incoming orders, manages the retail inventory, assists in product development, marketing, advertising, updating the website, and making sure each and every customer is taken care of. His passions include spending time with family, getting out on the lake, and cooking for family and friends. He is married to an amazing woman, Charlene, and they both are looking forward to welcoming their first child in August.